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What is MSD?

MSD or Musculoskeletal Disorders are characterised by worn out tendons, muscles, joints & nerve tissues which result from repeated use over an extended period of time leading to: Pain, Numbness, Tingling, Burning, Cramping, Stiffness.

What is the correct posture, while working at a computer/laptop?

The recommended posture while working on a computer/laptop is a 90-90-90 posture. In simple terms, when you occupy the chair, your feet should be rested flat on the floor and thighs should be parallel to the ground at a 90 degree angle at knees. Your back should be rested against the chair back-rest so that your trunk makes a 90 degree angle with the thigh. Also your elbows should be rested on the chair armrests at a 90 degree angle while using the key-pad.

What should be the neck and viewing angle for the user?

The top of the work-screen should match your eye-level when the neck is kept straight while at work.

What should be the distance of the screen from the user's eyes?

There is no one correct answer for this question, however as a thumb-rule keeping a distance of 18~22 inches is acceptable. This distance can vary with factors like big/small font size of the text on the screen.

Can we occupy the correct posture of 90-90-90 for the whole day?

No. The 90-90-90 posture is an ideal working posture for 45mins ~ 1 hour, after which you should take a short health break which is very important to break the static work posture. This allows for improved blood circulation.

What is a dominant eye?

Every individual is by birth one eye dominant (left or right). The identification of the dominant eye helps in arranging the work-station better and helps in improving efficiency. It also helps in avoiding possible causes of MSDs of neck and shoulder.