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About Us

An initiative of Godrej Interio's Workplace and Ergonomics Research Cell, our Wellness@Workprogramme has been a key knowledge advocate in the space of workplace trends and ergonomics. We have been advisors to 150 plus clients since being established in 2009 and reach out to more than 10 lakh end users regularly with our Wellness Tips. Our team comprises of Workspace professionals, an Occupational Therapist and Ergonomists with research and advisory experience spanning across corporate organizations, government organizations and healthcare organizations. The team's work with these organizations focuses on maintaining a continuous understanding of changes in work patterns and office spaces, issues arising thereof and helping them improve their Ergonomic & Wellness Quotient.

As experts in office ergonomics, Godrej Interio strongly believes that education and awareness is the key to ensuring a healthy workforce in organizations, reducing medical costs and retaining optimal levels of productivity at all times, across all age groups. To this end, we have been an active proponent of the 3 step A-C-P approach developed by our Workplace and Ergonomics Research Cell:

  1. Assessment: Evaluating ergonomic quotient of the workspaces through Ergonomic Audit
  2. Correction: Removal of ergonomic hazards & Improving integration of Furniture elements via interventions like Workshops, employee wellness program & Certification Programs.
  3. Prevention:Constant Communication on preventive steps via Wellness Tips

To know more about investing in a healthy team and a healthier, more productive organization, connect with our Workplace & Ergonomics Research Cell at or WhatsApp on +91 7506364276