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Workspace Assessment

Do your employees complain about general discomfort in office? Are you seeing regular dips in productivity? Has the absenteeism rate increased ? It may be time for you to have a Workspace Assessment done! The Workspace Assessment, an on-site evaluation of the current work environment will help you understand the health risks facing your employees in terms of ergonomics.

This ergonomic assessment, a combination of observational study and personal interaction with the employees will enable organizations to identify postural risks associated with workspace & prolonged use of computers. Here's a look at the scope of the Workspace Assessment.


  1. Task / Profile Analysis in relation to the office space
  2. Identification of musculoskeletal risk factors
  3. Review existing furniture design and technology
  4. Review and analysis of the environmental conditions like Lighting, Temperature, Noise levels, etc

After the study, a detailed report is shared with the organization, suggesting ways to the improve their wellness quotient of the workspace, and move employees towards a healthier work culture.

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