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Ergonomics Certification Program

As health hazards arising out of incorrect work postures and sedentary lifestyle become one of the most widespread illnesses in offices today, organizations are increasingly feeling the need to have Ergonomics Experts within their teams. Given that ergonomics is a way of life and must be adopted over time to deliver the best results, having knowledgeable team members can push up your team’s Wellness quotient considerably.

The Ergonomics Certification Program is a focused 2-day program that offers:

  1. Knowledge on ergonomics & Application of the principles of ergonomics
  2. Posture / Discomfort Evaluation Scales
  3. Skill set necessary to conduct comprehensive ergonomic assessments at workplace
  4. Enable the participants to understand and recommend corrections in improving the wellness and ergonomic quotient of their workspaces

This program is specially designed for:

  1. HSE professionals
  2. HR Head & Admin professionals
  3. Facility Heads
  4. Doctors /Clinical Practitioners currently working in corporate
  5. OT (Occupational Therapy) / PT (Physio Therapy) students aspiring for careers in large corporate, MNCs etc